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Single Digit Scoreboard with Stand and Name Plates

£76.50 £98.00
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This package includes our Sports Scorer football score keeper, one A-frame aluminium ground level stand and a set of customizable name plates with dry-erase pen.
The single digit Sports Scorer is an economical yet professional-looking scoreboard. This is a manual scoreboard that shows the score on front and reverse sides for easy viewing.
  • Double-sided scoreboard from strong UV-durable material with colour that lasts.
  • Easy portability and large print score dials.
  • Comes complete with a strong anti-rust hook for easy hanging and removal from court fences.
Choose between our two sizes:
Small board size 46cm x 32.5cm plus ground stand and name plates 
Medium board size 65cm x 48cm plus ground stand and name plates 
The score disc displays from 0 to 9 making this score keeper specifically designed for football matches. However, it is of course suitable for all other games requiring a single-digit score display such as table tennis, hockey, volleyball, squash or badminton.