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    Sports Scorer and Match Pointer Portable Scoreboards for Indoor and Outdoor Use

    Match Pointer portable scoreboards have set the standard for low-cost, durable tennis scoring for over 25 years. Now Sports Scorer single-digit and double-digit scoreboards widen our range, perfect for scoring many popular sports such as football, hockey, rugby, table tennis, handball and many more.

    There are a range of scoreboards available on the market, what makes your portable scoreboards different?

    Match Pointer and Sports Scorer scoreboards use a patented disc design, making them perfect for use in windy weather conditions, unlike traditional flip-style scoreboards. The dials are easy to turn, but will stay in place until you are ready to change the score. Our scoreboards are durable, portable, and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

    Both Match Pointer and Sports Scorer portable scoreboards can be customised and are extremely cost-effective, making them an ideal option for schools and smaller sports teams and clubs. And because they are easily portable, they can be used inside or out, at home or away!

    There is also a wide range of accessories available to compliment our scoreboards, including a variety of stands to allow scoreboards to be used in various locations and nameplates, for easy, low-cost customisation that can be altered for each match.

    Sports Scorer and Match Pointer portable scoreboards make keeping score easy and whatever game that you’re playing more fun! For more information about our products and our company, please visit our dedicated websites for Match Pointer and Sports Scorer.

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    We accept GBP £ in this online store and we accept EURO € in our German online store. If you would like a price quote in US$ or in AUS$, simply email us your request and order details for us to send you a quote by email.